Methodology and Guideline

To be built on local resources and participation; empowering potential local 'change-makers'; and generating community-driven development processes – these are the values behind the methodology of the SARD LEADER/CLLD local implementation in ATU Gagauzia, Taraclia district and neighbouring local communities in Moldova. The SARD LEADER/CLLD initiative is the adaptation of the European LEADER Principles in Moldova, which also incorporates the community coaching approach.

Community coaching makes LEADER/CLLD tools more appropriate for inclusive place-based development in disadvantaged target areas. The SARD adaptation of the EU LEADER/CLLD principles also considers the specific culture and legal frameworks of Moldova and the target pilot regions. These special implementation approaches, community coaching and the paramount consideration of the cultural aspects contribute to avoiding the risk of using LEADER/CLLD as a simple technical programme measure in Moldova.

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